What is Active Rehab?

Active Rehab is a program designed to recover physical function after a traumatic injury such as a motor vehicle accident, sports injury, or work-related accident.This program is run by a registered kinesiologist and can be a direct referral from ICBC, WorkSafe BC, lawyers or therapists.

An Active Rehab program involves a detailed assessment where our kinesiologist will do an analysis of your injury, work/life demands, pain assessment etc. Based on this assessment and the recommendations of your kinesiologist, an exercise program is designed and a plan is put in place.

The ultimate goal of Active Rehab is to get you back to full movement function in the shortest period of time possible, all while supporting the you in building an exercise plan you can fit into your lifestyle even after you have completed the program.

How do I Get Started?

To begin an Active Rehab program you will need a Doctor’s Referral and be able to provide any additional information necessary.

This may include your ICBC claim number, ICBC adjustor’s information, and the contact information of clinicians you’ve worked with previously in order to update us on your injury history.

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