Al Horkoff

Head Personal Trainer; FMS 2, EKG Advanced Kettle Bell, Agatsu L1, CHECK HLCL1, BCRPA

Al grew up in the Okanagan where he discovered his passion for sport, health and fitness.  Playing sports such as hockey, baseball and golf from a young age, he knew this was the industry for him.  In 2006 he started to pursue his dream in the fitness field.  While attending OUC in Kelowna, he took many classes and courses on Personal Training, sport and conditioning, health and wellness.  In 2007 he became certified as a Personal Trainer and started working at an athletic center. There he trained and shadowed elite NHL, WHL and BCHL athletes.  This is when he discovered that sport and conditioning was the job for him.  Al’s passion and drive led him to Groundwork Athletics where he plans to build a successful career.  He is very energetic and enthusiastic when it comes to training. He feels that there is nothing more rewarding than when a client is reaching for and achieving fitness goals.


• 2013 BMO Marathon
• 2013 Tough Mudder
• 2013 Whistler Relay
• 2013 Fall Classic Half Marathon
• Historic Half Marathon 2012
• Strength and Conditioning Specialist for the Factory 2010, 2011, 2012
• Spartan 5km Challenge 2011, 2012
• Energizer Night Race 2011
• Sun Run 2010, 2014
• Twist Conditioning Camp 2007, 2008
• Athlete: Hockey, Golf, Baseball

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