Alan Winterflood


Alan’s passion for health and fitness goes back 17 years when he began training himself in his high school gym and has been hooked ever since. Although training in the gym is very important and highly enjoyable for Alan his real passion is sports. It began with playing for his high school baseball team and helping his team the regional finals for the first time in team and school history. Alan attended Seneca College in Ontario following high school and during that time he began training to become a Firefighter. After 1 year of intense training and schooling sessions Alan was hired as a professional Firefighter where he stayed on as a volunteer for 3 years. In The fall of 2000 Alan made the move to Whistler where he taught snowboarding as a certified snowboard instructor for 3 seasons. Alan has a strong passion for snowboarding and continues to ride the mountains as many times as possible every year. Many of Alan's summer months are spent playing baseball and baseball tournaments, the winters are filled with as much hockey as possible when not on the mountain.

In 2010 Alan decided it was time to try his ability in endurance training and competed in his first Half Ironman despite various debilitating injuries. Alan continues to train and compete in Olympic triathlons on a regular basis. The Tough Mudder has brought on a new goal for training recently, having participated in the event in 2012 with the desire to compete on annual basis.

Once arriving in Vancouver Alan became certified as a Personal Trainer through the BCRPA, where he started his training with the West Vancouver Community Center. 6 years later, Alan is an integral part of the Groundwork Athletics Team. Alan trains his clients to work hard and push themselves in safe and positive environment through many movement based exercises and drills.  Through years of experience in the gym, on the field and after struggling through various injuries Alan has helped many individuals, reach their fitness and lifestyle goals.


• Graduate of Seneca College-Environmental Landscape Diploma
• BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer
• CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor
• Completed IFTSA level 1 and 2 Firefighter training 2011
• 2009 Fall Classic 10k run
• 2010 Lake Stevens Half Ironman participant
• 2011 Spartan Race participant
• 2012 Tough Mudder participant
• Athlete: Baseball, Hockey, Snowboarding 

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