Alejandra Miranda

Originally from Honduras, Alejandra moved to Canada at the age of 18 to pursue a BA in Psychology at UBC. Soon after she obtained her Rehabilitation Assistant Diploma from Capilano University, while simultaneously obtaining her ACE Personal Trainer certification.

Alejandra has been passionate about sports and exercise since the age of 8. Growing up she was dedicated to basketball and volleyball.  She was captain of her varsity Basketball team, and co-captain of the varsity volleyball team, leading her teams to several championships. One of the greatest experiences in her high-school basketball career was being part of the basketball Central American female all-star team. She has also dabbled in ultimate Frisbee, triathlons (Olympic distance), CrossFit, and more recently, Muay Thai kickboxing.

At the age of 20 she fell in love with weightlifting. After hitting a back squat at 135 lbs she has not stopped lifting weights. She's passionate about promoting strength training as a means of building extremely strong and resilient men and women. Alejandra also has a background as a rehab assistant. She’s able to work and coordinate with physiotherapists to get clients back into the gym and continue achieving their goals safely.

She’s pursued various continuing education courses for hip and shoulder mobility, as well as various weightlifting seminars. More recently she obtained her Weight Management Specialist certification through ACE to help individuals develop healthier habits and skills necessary to reach their goals pertaining to nutrition and weight loss. 

No matter how big and lofty your goal may seem, Alejandra believes every individual has the capacity to achieve anything they set their minds to.  She is dedicated to helping others become lifelong exercisers and discover the athlete within.

On the weekends Alejandra likes to attend hip hop classes, play volleyball ,and spend time with her friends while enjoying good food or going for hikes.


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