Tor Des Geants: We are in!

We got word on Feb 28th  that we are in—two of 650 people!  It is happening!  2014 Tor Des Geants I am really excited for the challenge as this is something quite different than anything I’ve ever attempted before and I get to do it with my soon to be new wife. 

Our first step was hiring a coach—although I am in the training business it is nice to turn the brain off and not have to worry about the planning of all the training.  It allows you to just focus on what is happening in each individual training session and not on the whole macro level of the plan.  We hired Canadian Endurance Athlete Jen Segger whom I’ve known for many years and who is a very accomplished athlete & coach.  She has also done the race which is a huge bonus when laying out a race plan and strategy.  She’s lived it and there is no substitute for that.  Below is a general layout of our starting point for weekly training just to give you an idea of how it looks.  Keep in mind this is relatively easy compared to the BIG training months ahead!

Everything is weekly hour totals and there are some personal things in there too (hockey / spin class):

Strength Training Sessions: 3 hours

Mobility / Yoga: 1 hour

Short Hill Run: 45 min

Bike Trainer: 1 hour

Long Run: 2:15 hours

Power Hike with elevation:  1.5 hours  (ex: up & down the Grind)

Hockey: 1:15 hours

Spin Class: 1 hour

Mix in proper nutrition / hydration and this slowly becomes a part time job; I wouldn’t have it any other way!