Biking Through the Pyrenees - Day 3

 Wow, a 16 km mountain time trial...for those of you that know me you can hear the sarcasm when I say that TT's are my favourite. The TT today was actually another gorgeous climb. Personally I couldn't find my legs until right before the end, so I'm not too ecstatic about my performance on the day, but in a 7-day race they won't all be gems. 

 This day however was all about the after bike (Dopo Bici). After a much needed nap I I had the best day of the trip to date. I bet if you ask the others guys they would agree as well. My highlight was doing laundry, serious. Greg and I found this nice little laundromat right in town and next to a great little cafe. I've been sharing all my clothes with Dave as his bags are still not here (way to go Air Canada, biggest joke for an airline) so needless to say supplies were getting low. It was so relaxing to sit at the cafe without a care in the world, stare at the mountains and drink cafe au lait, and eat pain au chocolat. 

 All of us enjoyed some nice recovery stretching and massage work.  I think the boys are all ready now for the final 4 days. They promise to me hard ones for sure.