How Often Should I Stretch?

Stretching and how it works with pro athletic trainer Jon Bula 

Mark: Hi, Mark Bossert from Top Local Lead Generation we’re here today with athletic trainer, super trainer extraordinaire Mr. Jon Bula from Groundwork Athletics. How’re you doing today Jon?

Jon: Pretty good, can’t complain, didn’t get rained on commuting in this morning so that always a good thing.

Mark: Now how did you manage that?

Jon: I just hit the perfect window of no rain

Mark: So, we’re going to talk about stretching - so how often should I stretch?

Jon: There’s the magic question. There is so much information and contradictory information out there floating around about stretching. I just like to take the common sense approach in a way that if you sitting down at a desk all day and you’re not really moving your body tremendously, a little bit of stretching every day would help a lot. So I would say most people should stretch a little bit, maybe five or ten minutes every day.

Mark: Absolutely, with my martial arts background I can’t go a day without stretching and it especially shows up now as you get into your late fifties. So should I stretch before a workout?

Jon: Well, again stretching is such a person specific thing. So what I like to tell my clients is if you feel tight and not moving fluidly before a workout then stretching is going to help you. You want to open up a range of motion in your body and feeling more comfortable in your movement is really important before a workout. There are a lot of indications around there saying ok, stretching makes you a little less powerful, there are recommendations for athletics not to do static stretching before their event that type of thing and while that’s true it doesn’t really apply to normal people. I mean, if you’ve been sitting at a desk for 3-4 hours and then you’re going to go do a workout - your hip flexors, quads and lower back are going to be a bit tight. It makes sense to stretch those before you do a work out, so that’s where I get back to that common sense sort of thing. You have to take it at an individual perspective and kinda think about what your day is like and that’ll tell you how much stretching you need.

Mark: What about warming up prior to stretching?

Jon: Well, yeah, in a proper warm up you should include some sort of stretching and there’s many different ways to do stretching. One of the most effective methods of stretching in a warm up is what’s called dynamic stretching. So it’s not holding a stretch for a tremendously long period of time, it’s more going through full range of motion at your different joints - like your hips, your shoulders and your knees. But again, some static stretching is ok before a workout in your really tight areas and no, you don’t have to be warm per se to start stretching. Obviously you don’t sit down and go into maximum range of motion first… you have to ease into it - just like anything else.

Mark: Awesome. So if you’re looking to workout, if you’re looking to train for athletic events, you’re looking to do your first marathon, you’re going to do a massive bike ride, you’re going to climb Mt. Everest - this is the guy to come and see. He’ll get you there, get you doing what you want - easier, quicker and faster.  Jon Bula of Groundwork Athletics - and you can call them at 604-685-7576. Thanks Jon

Jon: Thanks so much Mark, talk to you soon