BC Bike Race Day 1

Start Day 1 Well Day 1 was a good warm up!! Only 29 km through some of the best trails in North Vancouver including Old Buck, Bridle Path, Severed Dick, and Pipeline which took us 2.5 hours.

Our day began with us and 400 other riders starting at the Canlan Ice Sports Center where we got into the chute (start) around 350th. This proved to slow us up at times as some of the riders around that start position had not ridden the steep stuff in Vancouver--they were used to rolling stuff in Ontario or other parts of the world!! After a climb up Old Buck we hit the hard descent of Severed Dick across to Mount Fromme (Grouse) up to Pipeline and down to the finish. Highlights of the day were all the spectators cheering us on, Troy just missing going head first into a tree, Jon being called a `10`buy a group of girls watching, and finally Troy rolling across the line about one bike length ahead of Jon!! In his defense he did wait for him a few times, but he`s just getting warmed up!! We have a huge motor home driven by Larry Bula (Jon`s dad) and joined by Perry-Lynne (Jon`s mom) and Laura (Jon`s wife). Yes Troy does have friends and family too for those that were unsure!! Tomorrow is a massive day--we jump on at ferry at Horseshoe Bay and bascially ride off a the other end. Going 72 km from Nanaimo to Parksville in some beautiful single track. We estimate 7 hours or so to complete the stage.