BC Bike Race Day 2

Hard!  Hard!  If this today was a hockey game we went into double overtime.  Day 2 was a killer 70km day that had alot of technical single track, climbing and descending.  We walked of f the Nanaimo ferry and had a police escort through the whole city, which took 25 minutes, and led us to the trails.  For the next 5 hours we battled gnarly single track, roots, rocks, hills, logging roads, and other riders!!  Highlights of the day were a full over the handle bars endo by Troy,  Jon's grips giving him blisters (uh oh could be a long 5 days),  and a 15 min singletrack finish called Highway to Hell that basically started beside the Parksville this way sign (and led us the opposite way!!).  Tomorrow we drive to Cumberland in the morning and ride a 60km route that has a straight 15 km climb up right in middle.  We shot some post ride video but the connection is too slow so we will see if we can upload it for  you tomorrow.  Time for bed!!