Jon Bula finishes IRONMAN 2008 in Kelowna, BC

fpo Congratulations to Jon Bula for completing his first Ironman on Sunday. After training intensely for 8 months, he tackled on of the hardest races both physically and mentally out there. Ironman is a 3km swim, 180km bike, 42km run, in that order. It was an overcast day to start the race and conditions were good. When he got on the bike the wind picked up a little and he had to work a harder than anticipated to keep within his time goal. After starting the run the rain came and about 8km in his hip flexor began to act up a little, slowing him off his goal running pace. In the end he completed Ironman in 11 hours 40 minutes--very impressive for his first one.

Speaking with him after he said he had learned alot about how to improve his training if he is to do one again. He also mentioned the mental barriers he faced in the run, when his body was screaming to stop. He said he broke the run into individual miles and just focused on the steps to acheive crossing the finish line.

CONGRATULATIONS again Jon. There are a bunch of pictures with this story.