Train The Trainer 2008

On Friday March 28th we held our first ever Train the Trainer Day for the charity Right To Play. Jon Bula, Jon Poli, Troy Dalton, Corey Astill and Alan Winterflood volunteered to be 'trained'. All told we raised just under $3000 for RTP!!!

Highlights included:

---the group from TD Waterhouse purchasing a whole hour with costumes, choreographed music, spinning and lots of screaming at us! ---Al doing a lateral footwork exercies with red wine chugging in between ---Corey doing stair repeats with heavy dumbells and almost puking ---Jon purchasing 10 minutes with Troy and making him shotgun a beer. That's it!! ---Troy purchasing 10 minutes for Dave Biddle (national team rugby player) to torture Jon ---Corey's client showing up with an incentive based workout-the more he got through the more was donated ---Pushups with small children on our back

Afterwards lots of us headed to SIP on Granville for some food and drinks. We look forward to next year where our goal is $10,000 for RTP.