BC Bike Race Day 3

GWA Racers - couple of studs

GWA Racers - couple of studsFinally started after some kids removed the flagging!!

Today was a 60 km loop leaving and returning from Cumberland. It was another tough day, but not as hard as day 2!! We had a strong ride, finishing in 4:45 making our total time for three days of racing approx imately 12 hours 15 min. If anyone has ever rode alot you will be familiar with the sore ass feeling, I'd say for me it hit about hour 5 day two. Today included a big hill right in the middle of the day that we thought was 15km and turned out to be 8km, feels good when you expect to be climbing twice as long. Highlights would have been Jon running into a tree trying to avoid a crashed rider, me almost falling off a high brindge and using my forearm on a tree to save myself (the tree won, I am cut), and the suprise of chocolate peanut M & M's at one of the aid stations--we haven't seen them yet. Most of the tenting racers are staying in Cumberland tonight and getting up at 4am to catch two ferries for the start tomorrow. We are currently waiting in Little River to catch a ferry to Powell River, drive to Earls Cove and catch a ferry to Saltry Bay. The race starts at 11am tomorrow so we will get to sleep in while most everyone else travels tomorrow. I love motorhomes. We do 60km tomorrow from Saltry Bay to Sechelt, some great trails that I've ridden before, although with 1800m of elevation gain we have the most climbing of a stage yet. I have uploaded some photos, the video takes too long with our connection so they will have to do.