BC Bike Race Day 4

Troy-you've gotta be tough! Above: Troy-you've gotta be tough!

Today ranked up with day 2 for toughness.  It consisted of the most climbing meters  yet (1800) and a pre race report that said 60km, yet it totalled 68 by the time we were done!!  It took us 5 hours 45 min to complete, for a point of reference the pro's did it in 3 hours 40 min.  We started out at Earls Cove (on the way to Powell River) and finished in Sechelt,  The day was an u p and down day, climb then descend, climb then descend.  Just when we thought we were close to being finished (Jon's gps said 59km) we went through some nasty single track for about an hour.  This is like riding in a boat, with a hard seat and a bruised ass over rough waters.  When we finally arrived at the finish the turn around to day 5 was 15 hours so all we did was eat and hydrate.  Oh and we had a massage too.  Tomorrow is 60km in and around Sechelt.

long way from the heart

Above: long way from the heart