BC Bike Race Day 5

As I write this we are sitting in Squamish having completed Day 5 and jumped on the ferry from Sechelt to Horseshoe Bay.  We got to the 8am start today to find out that it was delayed half hour AND that the course had been changed.  Shortened and a hill taken out--evidently day 4 was as tough on everyone else as it was on us!  It began with a ride throug Sechelt (police escort) than a climb through a cement making yard--which was a steep climb and got us warm fast.  We had some big climbs and descents culminating in a huge 500m single track climb up and 15 km descent into the Langdale Ferry Terminal.  We finished the approx 57km in 4 hours and 6 min.  Highlights included me (Troy) chasing Jon all day.  He felt really good and I had a few moments when I needed a timeout to collect myself, haha.  It's all mental at that point!!  All in all a great day.  We now prepare for 60km in Squamish tomorrow, think about Squamish--big climb.  Did I say big climb??  A shout out goes to our race support for putting up with Jon's barking, Troy's sleeping, and doing our laundry!! Day 5 start

Above: Day 5 start

first of 57km

Above: first of 57km

before day 5--jon and troy on the right

Above: before day 5--jon and troy on the right