BC Bike Race Day 6

bc-bike-race-day-6-005 Pre Day 6


Post Race Repairs


Pre Race--troy looks bigger

Today was a great day, we hammered it.  50 km around Squamish which took us 4 hours 15 minutes.  In races like these you tend to spend each day riding with similar people of equal skills and fitness.  Today we dropped our 'group' with most of them coming in 3o minutes behind us!  I (troy) felt like I had Tour de France legs today and could climb forever--for once I wasn't chasing Jon which I have been doing this whole damn race!!  It was your standard Squamish trails today-the Test of Metal start,  Rob's Corners, Powerhouse Plunge and Far Side.  What weather 30+ degree's here today.  Highlights were Troy getting stung by a hornet while descending a very technical portion of the course, nobody passing us on any climbs, Troy getting a flat 2km out from the finish (we just rode it in!!), and 50 guest riders joining the race today--all sponsors who were fresh!  Tomorrow is a short 30km day finishing in Whistler Creekside and followed by the afterparty......the next blog could be later Sunday afternoon!!