BC Bike Race Day 7

img_0928 Finishing


Jon's One Cut


One of Many Cuts for Troy...


best looking team in the race


support + Ben.

Done!  Day 7 was listed at 30 km around Creekside in Whistler--the hardest 30 k I've ever done!!  We had some wicked climbs beginning with 7.5 km right off the start, then later a loose gravel climb that kept going up around each corner, and finally 2km on a road 20 minutes before the finish.  We hammered it again-- I particularily have now found my riding legs--in 2 hours 42 minutes.  The pro's did it an hour quicker than us.   To summarize our race:

  • 374 km
  • 29 hours 43 minutes 13 seconds of riding
  • 2 flats
  • 1 pair of wrecked bike shoes
  • 4 ferries
  • calories burnt ????
  • cuts Troy-100 Jon-1 (see photo)

What an amazing experience in all aspects--weather, trails, food, fitness.....  I find challenging yourself to do things like this allows you to test your mental strength; often times you have the physical capabilites to continue pedalling but its your mind that wants to stop.  You learn to control your thoughts and push the threshold at which you have these thoughts arise upwards.  You can apply your experience from these challenges to everyday life -better controlling what is limiting us mentally from achievment.  Pick a challenge and get after it; you have nothing to lose. 

A special thanks goes to Larry & Perry-Lynne Bula (Jon's parents) and Laura Bula (Jon's wife) for all they did with race support.  We literally ate, slept and rode and did no have to worry about anything else.  We couldn't have done it without you.  I'd also like to personally thank my sister Jody & two friends Mac & Tim and Jon's brother Ben for coming up to watch the finish at Creekside.  (also Bob Faulkner) It means alot to see people you know and have them there cheering for you at the end of almost 30 hours!!