MOMAR Adventure Race Recap

It was an unbelievable day in Cumberland--sunny and a perfect racing temperature.  The race started with a 10km kayak on Comox Lake followed by a trek (using a map to find your way), followed by a mountain bike and finishing with an orienteering section.  All told approximately 60km of racing.  Eighteen of us drew names 10 minutes before the start and the scramble began to get your kayak ready and aquaint yourself with teammates!!  Due to numbers we had 3 teams of four and 2 teams of three.  The bet was the losing team had to wear their racing gear to the after party!!  I was on a team of three and Jon a team of four.  Jon's team took off on the kayak and run and I figured they were going to win, they had some fit guys.  We were slow on the run--your only as fast as your weakest team member!  Jon's team had a huge lead on all of us and then they got on the mountain bikes....he was racing with 3 road bikers and things were slowed down.  My team caught him on the bike, I was laughing as I figured I they were miles ahead of us!  Once we finished the bike we had to orienteer for about 45 minutes, we came into this tied for first and lost by 5 minutes at the end.  Jon's team came in 20 minutes behind in fourth.  However, since we were a team of three we were DNF'd and Jon's team got second!!  All in all a great day and I recommend this race for anyone--it is every well organized and capable for any adventure racing level. bob-jon1

Bob and Jon just before the start!