Troy Lands In Geneva

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Crossing into the France side of Geneva

Well, 15 hours later with a layover in Montreal I have arrived in Geneva.  Most important my bike made it; you can pretty much buy anything else you need if forgetting something, but a bike is a big ticket!!  I am currently at a tiny internet cafe in the French part of Geneva (yes some of Geneva is actually in France my cab driver and I crossed the border to get here) as everyone else is still travelling and the room my friend booked is not ready for three hours still.  When we flew in today the pilot pointed out that we were flying over the beaches of Normandy, which were clearly visible out the window.  As someone who has read alot about what happened there I must say it was stirring to see.  Hard to imagine so many people gave their lives on the coastline I was looking at.  Tomorrow we have a planned 100 km ride from Geneva to Martigny, Switzerland with about 1000 meters of climbing and descending.  The weather calls for overcast skies and some rain.  I will try and update the blog every night provided I can get online.  FYI we are 9 hours ahead of you.