FAME Pro Fitness Competition

adversaEmilia recently competed in the FAME Pro Fitness and Figure Model Competition and blogged about her experience. We all saw how dedicated she was over the past while to this goal. Congrats for getting out of your comfort zone and competing Emilia!!

I decided in December I wanted to enter a Fitness Competition. I began looking for a local show and I came across an amazing website that was packed with tons of information to help get me started. I found a coach off the site who was a FAME Pro Fitness and Figure Model/Competitor who helped me tremendously through the three month transition to the stage. I really didn't have a clue as to how much was involved, besides knowing a restricted diet and a diligent workout plan was ahead. Every week I would send in my updated measurements, weight and photo's to mark my progress in order to make necessary changes to my diet. I also attended bi-weekly classes on posing, walking and stage presence. Supplements became vital as I was allowed less food and my energy was starting to deplete more often. Measuring my food intake and making sure to log everything I consumed was vital in helping me see changes occur. If I slipped alone in this I could see notable differences that weren't the changes I wanted to see. In total I lost 11 lbs and 8.5 inches. Competition day was a great experience. I was very nervous about being on a stage but the environment was such a positive one that I felt at ease for most of it. The hosts were great and as were all of the participants. I would definitely do another competition again.


Emilia second from left