Subaru Half Ironman

On Sunday Jon and I competed in the Subaru Half Ironman in preparation for the Ironman.  It was an overcast day and a 6:30am start into the ocean at Jehrico Sailing Club for two loops of 1000m...let me tell you it wasn't warm.  After that is was 90km on our bikes in the form of 4 loops  with a climb up UBC hill in each one followed by a half marathon (21km) down Spanish Banks.  Jon had an amazing race at 4:42, knocking almost 30 min off  his time from 2 years ago.  Troy did 5:01 and would have broken 5 hours if he didn't have trouble putting on his shirt.  Try it: purchase a skin tight Under Armour shirt, step in the shower, step out and try and pull it on hahaha.