Ironman 2010

Swim Start

Penticton Ironman Swim Start

Date:               Sunday August 29th 2010

Details:           3.8 km Swim to 180km Bike to 42.2km Run



Tale of the Tape


This race is the culmination of 10 months of serious training for both athletes including thousands of kilometres swimming, biking, and running, mixed with yoga, massage, chiro, physio, eating, sleeping…


Both are accomplished athletes having recently completed:



2008 Penticton Ironman

6 Sea to Summit Adventure Races

4 MOMAR Adventure Races

4 Half Ironman Races

BC Bike Race

Knee Knacker Trail Race



4 Sea to Summit Adventure Races

2 MOMAR Adventure Races

2 Half Ironman Races

BC Bike Race

Knee Knacker Trail Race

Seattle to Portland Road Ride

Geneva to Nice Road Ride




Swim:                         Jon

Bike:                          Jon

Run:                           Even

Experience:               Jon





The Province Sports provides a personal breakdown:


The ultimate goal of anyone competing in a gruelling Ironman event is first and foremost to finish—there are factors above and beyond general fitness which impact completion: hydration, nutrition, weather, mechanical issues, and the internal mental battle.


Jon is the clear favourite here based on his swim/bike abilities and the fact he has completed this race before.  Experience is a huge factor in this race—especially when you apply what you learned in the previous race to your training moving forward.  His weakness may be using what he likes to call his sixty thousand dollar brain (MSc Degree) too much.  He has a tendency to ‘over think’ races from time to time which has led to simple mistakes being made.  Sometimes they add up to something bigger.


Troy is ultra-competitive with Jon to the point it is a brother like rivalry in his eyes--this should serve him well on race day.  Thousands of people watch the race and he likes to perform in front of a crowd—he tells me that people watching really motivates him.  His weakness is not having completed an Ironman before—not knowing how his body will react to the stresses put on it and the suffering that comes with this. 


Conclusion:  If everything goes as planned for both on race day Jon will win.  However, you never know what can happen on THAT day so I would say there is a shot Troy may pull it out....he has to have the best day possible and have Jon suffer.  Good Luck guys!!