Ironman Canada Recap

Well what a day!!  Here we go (lots pictures and video at the end of the post): 

3:30 am The alarm is set for 4:30am but I am awake.....4:45am Get out of bed, eat, drink, shoot the before video....5:15am Drive to the start,  get marked, drop off special needs bags, pump bike tires, relax ....6:15am  Put on HR monitor, wetsuit....6:30am Warm up swim, then stay warm....6:45am Watch the pro's start, fight the nerves.....7:00am START the race with 3000 other swimmers

SWIM: The start of these races is always exciting--adreneline is pumping and it is important to stay calm and focused.  Jon started the race on the left side of the group which is the most direct line on the first length and is busier than the right side which is where I started (and our friend Greg).   All of us got kicked and hacked for most of the first 1600m when things start to spread out a bit after the first turn.  I drafted a massive guy the whole first leg and he cut a path through everyone for us.  After the first turn it is 450m to the next one and 1800m home where I drafted another swimmer the whole way.  As you see the two towers of the hotel get closer you realize the swim is almost done and it feels good!   Swim Time:  Jon 1:06  Troy 1:16  Greg 1:13.

BIKE: After a fast transition (Jon) and slow transition (Troy--I ran into a guy I used to play UBC Hockey with!!)  we took off on the 180km bike course.  Basically Penticton to Oliver to Osoyoos, to Keremeos and back.  Jon is a really strong rider and took off hard passing tons of people, Greg and I started more conservatively wanting to manage our bike to have lots in the tank for the run.  The bike this year was one of the hardest on record at the Ironman as we experienced a huge headwind after turning at Keremeos.  This combined with rain and hail made for a cold end to the ride.  I figure the head wind added half an hour to our bike times.  It is important to eat and drink properly along the ride--we all had individual plans for this and stuck to them.  At the 120km mark you get a special needs bag which can have what ever you want in it.  Mine had oranges, chips, water bottle with Boost, and a peanut butter and a jam sandwhich that I did not touch.  From here there is another climb up Yellow Lake and then a decent into Penticton.  It is hard to describe to someone the number of people on the bike course cheering you on--it is unbelievable.  People screaming and yelling for you everywhere.  You also where a race number with your name on it so lots of people call you by your name.  It means alot when you are tired to have someone call out to you and urge you on.  Bike Times: Jon 5:37  Troy 6:34  Greg 6:36 

RUN:  The run absolutely destroys some people--a marathon 42km!  The key is to manage your bike, nutrition, and hydration properly so you have enough in the tank.  After arriving downtown on your bike to a massive crowd you head out on the run; again through the crowd.  It takes you to the very end of Skaha Lake (OK Falls) and back.  My favorite discipline is the run and I always look forward to it--both Jon and I have the ability to get off the bike and hammer the run.  Once you get through town there are less people lining the route and you start to see the really fast people running back--some of them in control and some with pain etched on their faces.  About two-thirds of the way to the turn around I saw Jon running back--he passed me some Cliff Shots and looked really strong.  At times in later parts of the run it is a mental battle to not stop--I repeated many times: just keep your feet moving.  The aid stations are set up every 2km or so and I would mix water, gatorate and coke in with power gels and sponges to keep cool.  You really feel like a pro when you pass through one--just yell out what you want and they have it for you.  My goal was to not stop running once--some people walk the aid stations--and I achieved this.  Near the 35km mark is a long slow incline that sets you up for the big crowds to take you down Main Street to the finish.  It is a tough part--your pace drops and HR rises but knowing that once you got through this the end was near definitely motivates you.  Once I got past that I knew the corner that all our friends and family would be at just before the finish--I was excited to see them all.  As I ran past they were screaming so loud--awesome!!!  It is a quick out and back to finish--I got some advice from a 10x Ironman finisher he said: fix your gear, look straight ahead, smile, put your arms up and break the tape.  Don`t mess it up you only have once shot!!   Run Times: Troy 3:46  Jon 3:48  Greg 4:42

Overall Times  Jon 10:41  Troy  11:51  Greg 12:45    Official Results at: Ironman Canada

THANKS:  All three of us would like to thank family, friends, wives, girlfriends for their support this past year and during race day.  It is an event where you have to sacrifice time with others to properly prepare and we appreciate acceptance of this.  On the actual day the feelings you have knowing that these people were waiting and watching for us definitely gives you a boost in the low times.  Thanks Again!!  The Dalton`s (Doug, Ricci, Jody)  The Bula`s (Perry, Pam, Laura) The Mackie`s (Tim+kids, Monica, John, Mary-Jo), Kate, Jeff, Alsi, Nicole, Julie, Kyle, Genvieve, Don and anyone I might have missed.


Jon`s Mom




Greg & Troy Two Days before


Before the swim start.  Jon started close to this side, Greg and I the far side


Jon--loves to talk


Top fans at I man


Gotta give some love to the fans.  Rumour has it no one wanted to wash their hands again.....


Mackies, Ricci Dalton, Perry Bula


Just about to bury this guy




nice onesey




Jon immediately post race


Jon, Greg, Troy


Stretch what........


The two loudest fans everytime I went by Kate & Jody