Whistler Gran Fondo

ds_granfondo2010_1044-smAlthough I posted this Jon wrote the account of the race:

With the threat of rain all week I was quite nervous about the upcoming Whistler Grand Fondo, but under clear skies roughly 4000 of us massed downtown on Georgia St. at 6:30am to start our epic ride to Whistler. Following a rousing rendition of Oh Canada by non other than Mark Donnelly (the guy who does the anthem at the Canucks games) we were ready to start. I was having a good laugh thinking about all the guests at hotel Vancouver who paid $400/night only to be serenaded by a bunch of spandex clad cyclists at 6:45 am…The race start was a little ‘hairy’ with all those riders crammed together. Once we got going the speed really picked up and we were hammering up through the causeway. The race really got under way as we started to climb Taylor Way. It was awesome. There were people lined all the way up the hill and the only thing missing was a guy in a ‘Borat’ suit running along side. I got into a good fast group of riders and we ripped into Squamish in about an hour 50 minutes. After that the climb to Whistler was where the ‘real’ race began as the hill climbers took over and the field really started to spread out. I had a really awesome day racing. There was such a good feeling amongst all the competitors, and out of all the races I have done I can honestly say that this was the most fun in terms of camaraderie. I was surprised at how well my legs felt considering Ironman was a mere 13 days prior. I felt great during the second half of the ride and found myself racing with a group of 8 or so riders. I finished the day in 3:46. The race winner came in at 3:14, so all in all I was really happy with how things went.

I would like to congratulate the following people on there successful completion of the inaugural race:

Laura Bertram (my wife…) Kate Ramsay – group training client Dan Shepansky – group training client Denise Duchene – personal training client David Hobbs – personal training client

I hope I didn’t miss anyone


Laura & Jon