Functional Movement Screen

Jon Bula and Jon Poli have recently become certified to administer Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and corrective exercises. We are really excited about adding this to our list of services as it will allow us to make your individual training sessions more specific and focused towards your needs than ever before. Most of you spend a great deal of time working to improve your health, fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance, and power. The FMS is designed to test your basic movement patterns so you aren’t working hard to put fitness on dysfunction. It doesn’t make sense to train poor movement patterns, train around pre-existing problems or simply to not train your weaknesses. At Groundwork Athletics we already work hard to help in these areas, and now we have some extra ‘tools’ to be even better at it.

If you are interested in having us do a Functional Movement Screen on you and taking your training to the next level from both a performance and overall health and wellness perspective than let me know and I’ll book you in for a session: