Trans Portugal we go

The race machine ready to go What a day.  A total of 5 hours of pre race meetings, with 2 hours mixed in for rebuilding the bike as well as a 40 minute ride to spin the legs out and workout the kinks with the GPS unit.  Apparently tomorrow starts with what the race director describes as the 'hardest' day.  See the profile below:

Race profile Day 1

I'm looking outside right now and it's raining like crazy...good thing we've been riding in this crap all winter.  Really looking forward to getting started (probably won't be saying that around km 110 or so).  Adam and Sam got in late last night.  We're going to try and stick together tomorrow to iron out the kinks.  No hammer fest tomorrow, get the legs under us and then see what the other 8 days will bring.  Can't blow it all on day 1.  Bob, Dan, and Rich will have a 30 minute head start on us younger guys so we'll have to at least go hard enough to catch the old guys (shouldn't be too much trouble, hahah :))