Day 3 - The beginning of the war of attrition

tp-pre-race-003-small As you can see from the profile, this was an insane day.  Non stop, steep, demanding, and hot.  Took just under 8 hours to finish.  Almost all the racers are beginning to suffer.  I'm realizing more and more that this endeavor is really just about survival.  My poor ass is loosing skin at an alarming rate and I have some really 'delicate' spots on a certain 'twig'.  Not fun.

My riding was really strong today however.  Adam, Sam and I rode together again.  We took our foot off the gas a bit today as we're beginning to wise up.  The last climb was particularly brutal.  As Sam put it he cracked to the moon.  This basically means that while he was climbing he was planning his own funeral.  He had a little heart to heart with himself and finished the day.  Adam started the last climb really strong and soon I was just going along on my own.  I got into a really good rhythm however and was able to real him back (along with quite a few others).  Adam caught me on the final descent so I just tucked in behind and we ripped it Tour style.  It was a steep paved 17 km descent with lots of tight switch backs, so fun.

Our other boys had a tougher go.  about the time we finished near the top of the last climb a massive hail/rain storm swept it.  They all froze. Dan and Rich managed to finish, but Bob got picked up by the race (along with many others) as he had missed the final cut off time.  In Bob's defense he had a nasty crash earlier that day and wasn't really able to bounce back.

Only 6 more to go...