Day 4 - Ass management...

I’m beginning to understand that the key to this race is ass management. Everyone is looking for that secret that will make the saddle sores go away. There is nothing worse than an extremely uncomfortable bum. Anyways…

Today was the ‘lightest’ day yet, 110 km and only 2900 m (Seymour almost 3 times). We had some excitement at the start as Sam’s GPS fell off his bike and exploded onto the pavement. Because Adam and I are such nice guys we decided not to wait… After about 30 minutes Adam decided to wait but I felt like going solo…4 hours later I was still solo. I passed a bunch of people but wasn’t riding with anyone. I met up with Bob and Rich just shy of the 2 hour mark and then again at the local water tap 10 km later – I got lost for a few minutes (wasn’t happy about that).

Adam decided at some point to try and track me down and he did at the 80 km mark, just before a wicked climb up to this medieval village. We went up an ultra steep old Roman road with big bumpy stones. I managed to clear the climb, most people had to walk. I was bragging at the top and Adam told me to shove it (he walked for maybe 30 m), it was pretty funny.

The last 30 km Adam decided to hammer, and man can he ride. The rolling finish is his specialty. I hung in for a few km but decided in the interest of surviving the next 5 days I would throttle back a bit. He was about 10 minutes ahead of me at the end of the day.

Sam arrived about 30 minutes behind me and Dan about an hour, and Bob/Rich shortly after that. Everyone survived but the crazy part is still to come. 144 km tomorrow, 165 km the next day, and 143 after that…oh my god.