Day 5 - one to remember

tp-pre-race-005-small Where do I start with this one?  The day started fairly flat. Adam, Sam, and I teamed up with a group of South Africans and a couple others.  The first 80 km was really fast with a long tarmac sections.  We grouped up in a large peleton and we were really going fast.  Adam did a huge amount of work and some of the guys who were with us were doing all they could just to hang on.  I was feeling great, my stomach was a little upset the previous night and I had a crappy breakfast but I wasn't being bothered by it.

A group of us stopped for a sandwich around the 90 km mark, Adam and Sam didn't pack one so they didn't stop with us.  5 km later at a water station we saw them with the hugest grins as they had went to a cafe for a coke - without telling me...bastards.

The last 44 km of the day was non stop climbing.  My stomach was really upset and I started to feel like crap.  A few minutes later "Crack".  I bonked harder than I ever have in my life.  Everyone rode away and I had absolutely no power left.  I can't really describe to you how crappy I felt, it was unbelievable.  I was having trouble eating and my life was falling apart - or so it seemed.  I quit the race at least 10 times during the darkest 3 hours of my cycling career.  I was riding feeling delirious and somehow manged to finish the day.  After the day I lay on the sidewalk for at least 30 minutes, what was wrong with me - more to come.

Bob didn't race day 5 as his ass was in such bad shape that he had to take the day off.  The nurse had to put a full dressing on his butt, poor guy.  I'm sure we'll laugh about it at some point.  Rich's knee was really bothering him but he finished and didn't have too bad a day.  Dan said he felt fine all day, he just took it steady.

Adam apparently had to give Sam a 'motivational' speech just before the last few km.  Adam's methods were something like - don't be such a big baby, suck it up you big wuss (those aren't the words he used but you get the idea).