Day 5.5

Last night was one of the worst nights of my life.  I've got some kind of stomach bug.  I was awake all night with visits to the toilet every 30 minutes.  Can anyone say "threw the eye of a needle", I'll let you figure out what I mean.  I couldn't eat any dinner last night and when I tried to have a glass of juice this morning I almost threw up. I was unable to race today - I was absolutely crushed, I still am.  I was riding so well, but when you can't eat and hydrate there is no way you can be on your bike for 10 hours.  The race doctor told me I had to 'get it all out' and then he'd give me something for the  diarrhea.  I got a ride to the next hotel (in an old castle) where I slept until 3pm.  It's 5pm now and I'm starting to feel better.  I've been eating a sandwich while blogging and so far so good.

All the other guys are out there.  Bob just arrived at the hotel - he had to quit after 100 km - apparently he rode the last 30 km standing up.  Today is a massive 165 km.  Bob said Adam is feeling terrible out there.  I'll let you know how everyone finishes.  I'm starting to feel optimistic about racing tomorrow.  2-3 hours ago I would have said impossible.