Day 6

Well I jumped the gun by eating that sandwich while blogging. I was out for an hour and a half after that, on the beg writhing in abdominal pain. Doc laughed and said I should have started with something a little easier to digest like some fruit. I had cucumber, carrots, lettuce and jello for dinner last night and that seemed to be okay.

Adam was in fact struggling at the start of the day. Sam tells the story pretty well. Every evening we get a sheet of paper detailing where the water stations are (public taps, springs, and cafes). The sheet said 85 km so what you do before that is try and drink as much as you can so you stay nice and hydrated. Well there was no water at 85 km, there was supposed to be a café. Adam had ½ a water bottle left for 40 km. Sam said his temper tantrum was something to behold (hahaha). The 95 km mark there was the café, Halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah… The boys had 2 cokes and an ice cream sandwich. Adam went from complete depression to elation and Sam (who has really just been steady emotionally) had to deal with an increased speed for the next 30+ km.

The final climb of the day was a steep cobble stone accent up to a castle, not fun after 162 km. My room was right outside the last 200 m so I got to see everyone go by (with mixed emotions on my part).

Dan and Rich finished a very long day. Dan is still looking really steady, but Rich now has severe ass problems and knee issues – he’s a tough bastard so I’m sure he’ll soldier on.

I’m going to have breakfast now, wish me luck…

first picture is Adam, second is Sam on the climb right outside my hotel patio

Adam climbing final hill

Sam on the same hill - right outside my hotel patio