Day 7


Pulling out all the stops - owner of ass to remain anonymous.

The last 36 hours have been intense. I bonked to the moon, couldn’t eat, and was as ill as I have ever been in my entire life. I woke up this morning had breakfast and felt okay. Today was a fairly flat stage that was supposed to be 143 km, but because we had to detour around a river that was running too full to cross 10 km was added to that – just what everyone wanted to hear.

My plan for the day was to take it easy, eat and drink as much as I could during the stage, and hope that the body held up. I’ve got to plug a couple of our sponsors here; Cliff gave us all a load of shot blocks and let me tell you even with my extremely delicate stomach I managed to eat 8 packages of them today – definitely my favorite race food. I have been taking one or two Happy Planet energy health shots everyday and they have been awesome. A great boost in energy (like a stiff coffee/red bull) with no crash – all natural as well. Rich has been handing out energy shots like mad and everyone loves them.

The race started with a large peloton on the tarmac for over 20km. The lead racers were taking it easy so the rest of us got a free tow. It was great. After we hit the gravel section the energy started to pick up so I kept to my strategy and let them go. Adam and Sam were away with the group. I caught up to Dan and a group of riders shortly after that and they all hopped on my wheel and we cruised along like that for 20 km or so. There were 2 South Africans willing to help me out at the front so things were just perfect. There were 4 of us who eventually left everyone else back and then after a bit more just me and an American – he was content to just sit on my wheel. After a quick Coke break we saw a group of riders up ahead and low and behold Adam and Sam where there. We caught up with them and finished the day together.

Bob/Rich/Dan all finished together about an hour behind us and everyone again survived the day. Dan said he was really mentally fatigued today and that the prairie-like conditions with the wind really wore him down.

2 more days to go – wow.