Day 9 - Finished at last

tp-day-9-020-small Glory days...finished at last.  Today was a 'short' 100km ride with only 2000 m of climbing.  After the initial 40 km the rest of the day was spent on the coastline with some incredible views.  It was impossible to feel crappy today as the finish was just around the corner.  I survived off of bananas, sprite, and a sandwich today and my stomach was just fine (not sure when I will ever be able to eat anymore 'race' food).

Started the day with Adam and Sam and we passed Bob/Rich/Dan around the 40 km mark.  Shortly after that I had a tire issue.  The tire actually delaminated.  This is when the layers become separated causing a 'growth' out of the tire.  Mine looked like a rubber tennis ball was growing out of the side.  What do you do with that?  Adam and Sam thought it was hilarious and parted with the kind words of "hopefully you can get it fixed and finish the day, maybe see you at the next cafe".  I laughed and said, "ya, maybe".

Along came Bob, Rich and their Spanish buddy Pepe - between Rich and Pepe the tire was fixed patched and I was ready to go.  Thanks boys.

I rode the next 10 km with them to the next cafe and bought Pepe a beer.

After the cafe break there was only 46 km to go.  Dan and I ended up finishing the day together and we both rode really strong.  It was nice to ride with Dan as I hadn't all race.

It was beers and cheers at the beach in Sagres.

I'll be writing summary sometime in the next few