BC Bike Race Day 1

Day 1 Finish Line What a great day for racing.  3 hours 20 minutes is so much nicer than the 8-11 hours I was riding in Portugal.  I had a pretty good day today, the race started fast and furious with many people going way to fast for a 7 day stage race.  I think there will be a wake up call day 3 or 4 for some.

On another note:

4 hours of riding today and $400 in bike repairs...this is an expensive sport.  Troy expect to see this receipt in the expense file...  I had to replace my drive train (rear cassette, chain, and middle front chain ring) parts and labor close to 400.  Ouch.  Apparently I had completely worn the other parts out and was about to have a big time mechanical failure.  I guess a 1200 km race plus around 1000 km  of training will do that to your bike.

Can't wait for Day 2 in Campbell River tomorrow.