BCBR Day 2

Waiting for the start of the race Day 2 was in Campbell River, what a day.  48 km and almost entirely in the forest on rolling technical single track.  I had a really strong day as the terrain was perfect for my style of riding.  Lots of really short and steep climbs that you had to power up.  There were a ton of bumps, roots, tight turns; so much fun.  One of the best parts of today was seeing all the super fit Europeans on the side of the trial walking their bikes or falling over as they try and manage the technical stuff.  For me it feels like a bit of retribution as I got my butt kicked out in Portugal, but now the favor is being returned.  There are 2 Portuguese guys that were at Trans Portugal and while they love the trails here in BC they can't believe how we ride them.  They're saying, "even the ladies are kicking our asses."  Some of the girls in this race can really ride so I told them not to feel too bad.

Day 3 is in Powell River with 51 km of the same sort of stuff.  Can't wait.