BCBR Day 4 Earl's Cove to Sechelt

Tent City at 5:30am Day 4 was a grueling 68 km.  This day really punished a lot of people.  I finished in 4 hours 42 minutes.  My climbing was on today and good this as we went up and up and up.  We climbed fire road, we climbed steep twisting single track, we seemed to climb everything.  We started at the ferry terminal in Sultry Bay and ended up at sea level in Sechelt.  I'm convinced that we did more climbing than descending today, which is impossible you would think.  I didn't have any bike issues, but needed to get new break pads at the end of the day.  Good thing I've made friends with one of the pro teams mechanics as he's doing my repairs for just the cost of the parts.

A day in the life of a stage race:

1. Wake up around 5:30am, go to washroom trailer

2. Have morning shower early before most people wake up

3. Wait around for 6:30am early breakfast, then eat like a pig.  4 eggs, 4 pieces of toast, as much bacon as I can get, yogurt and granola, with some fruit added in; maybe go back for more

4. Get on the ferry (some days) and travel to race start

5. Get bike from bike storage and line up in start chute

6. Begin race right out of the ferry terminal; here we go climbing again...

7. Finish race, drop bike of at bike wash station - pay $20 for someone else to wash bike as I'm too tired.

8. Eat chips and peanut butter and jam sandwiches, drink water and pop, order a wrap from the food wagon, drink more water

9. line up for a shower

10. Go to dinner and eat until I can't eat any more, then go back for more

11. Pump up air bed - the worst part of my day...

12. Have a beer or two, drink more water, eat chips and beef jerkey

13. Crawl into the tent

14. Put in ear plugs and make sure to have an empty 2 liter bottle in the tent for night time use...

Shower Trailer