BCBR Day 5; Sechelt to Landale Ferry

Start Line with Graham Another day done.  Day 5 was a shorter day, only 37 km.  It started with a brutally steep climb up a fire road.  I felt like absolute crap going up that climb, but just ground it  out.  I started to feel better half way through.  The day ended with an awesome 8 km decent.  It was great (except the part where I crashed down a 8 foot bank...).  We head to Squamish for tomorrow's race and then it's off to Whistler for the last day.

We were on the second climb of the day and everyone around me was really feeling crappy.  I was getting bored so I invented a trail game called "rate my ride".  I randomly gave or subtracted points from people for good or bad riding.  It made the climb go by a lot faster, and everyone within ear shot was having a good laugh.  Good times.

I'm not camping for the last 2 night (thank god).  Bob Faulkner has a place at the 4 Seasons in Whistler - can't wait as I'm staying with him.