BCBR Day 7 - Whistler

img_3513 Above is the 'Gypsy Crew'.  These are the racers I spent the last week with.  Great bunch of people.  We all piled into an 15 seat passenger van as we traveled through the race stages.  This is us at the finish line in Whistler.  Day 7 was a short 24 km, but had almost 1100 m of climbing in.  We basically went straight up, straight down twice.  The descents were awesome, but really technical with tones of big rocks and steep drops.

I had an amazing time at this race.  I was feeling stronger every day and was really happy with how my race went.  I met a bunch of great people from all over, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Australia to name a few.  I highly recommend this race to anyone into XC mountain biking.