Ironman Canada 2011: Personal Recap

First off congratulations to GWA clients Rich Osborn and Greg Mackie for finishing Ironman Canada--Rich's first and Greg's second. All of our times can be found here. None of us managed the pro's top times of 8:28 (men) and 9:03 (women), in fact I was just starting the marathon when the winning male was running into the finish!! The day started with 3000 revved up athletes ready to jump in the water, I decided to go with my usual strategy of waiting on shore for a minute or so to let the eager people swim all over each other. I then jumped in and decided to draft Greg-- this was my only mistake of the day--not sighting for myself and trusting him we managed to probably swim and extra 500m or so. My swim time was 5 minutes slower than last year as a result. Onto the bike and I eased my was 60km to Osoyoos, staying properly hydrated and making sure to eat on my pre determined intervals. It was already starting to get hot-- it got up to 35 degrees, almost 10 degrees hotter than last year!! I rode a conservative bike given the temperature and my desire to save some for the run-- nothing eventful really except I got yelled at by a lady for supposedly cutting her off--she must have had some mild heat stroke and been imagining things.... I rode into town and saw all friends and family at the Best Western, when you are out there slogging away it means so much to know that people are there watching you! Off to the run and I started to pick people off 1 by 1-- probably passed 600+ people over the course of the whole marathon. My goal was to keep my core cool so at each aid station I put ice cubes down my tri-suit, poured water on me, and drank 2 cups of Gatorade. I also took electrolyte pills which were a must this day. I had a great pace to start, slowed a bit towards the turn around and eased back a bit before kicking up a notch in the last 10km. My other goal was to track down a friend-- Tim--who was 1 hour ahead of me off the bike. I finally caught him about 5km out and tried to get him to keep up with me but he didn't have it this day. I finished strong 5 minutes slower than last year-- my take was this years race was much harder in the heat so overall I feel I had a stronger race. the heat really destroyed people especially the last half of the marathon-- where I really pushed the pace and kept positive thoughts in my head. Felt a bit nauseated after so just relaxed in the hotel and fell asleep quick!! I signed up next year and so did Kate so my new goal is to not lose to my girlfriend hahaha. Also--to get a tri bike next year!! Thanks to everyone for supporting me!