GWA 5 years and counting...

img_0337img_0333 We recently (a few months back) celebrated our 5 year anniversary at 736 Granville St., and since January is a time people typically reflect on the previous year(s) I thought it would be interesting to take a look back on the past 5 years at GWA.

2007 - 3 people on staff (Jon, Troy, Warren)

Present - 9 people on staff (Jon, Troy, Al W, Al H, Shawn, Stella, Dougy, Andrew, Katie)

We started with zero independent trainers to 30 presently

2007 GWA comprised only the main side of the basement, but in 2008 we added the rest (3500 sq/ft to 5000)

We have raised over $30,000 for the Right to Play Charity

To date we have trained over 14,000 personal training sessions and have had over 15,000 group training visits

Since 2007 as a company we have completed 4 ironmans, 3 BC Bike races, TransPortugal bike race, multiple middle distance triathlons, x-country running races, road running races, numerous Gran Fondo cycling races, clients have participated in the Olympic and Pan Am Games, raced all over the world, the list goes on...

Goals for 2012:

Continue to provide training that is second to none in quality and fun (that rhymes...)

New York Marathon

Add a local based charity to our fund raising efforts

Continue to grow GWA and it's influence on health and wellness in Vancouver

Happy New Year!