Auction the Trainer: What a night!

The Auction Crew What a great time!  Our Auction the Trainer was a huge success.  With over 100 people coming down to enjoy some food and beverage and partake in the festivities we were able to raise $5000 for the Athletics for Kids charity.  Our raffle prizes were amazing again this year; thank you so much to everyone who donated.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Some highlights included:

  • planks while balancing a beer on your back
  • shirtless icky shuffle race followed by a beer chug
  • Dougy's skipping prowess
  • the costumes
  • Carderos after party

Check out the photos....040

Stella and Jon being punished by Gurginder (the shooter we had to drink while working out was disgusting)


Al H. and Shawn - sweet beer plank


Alsi - making cash $ for the kids...


More torture for Jon - Stella looked like she was having fun...


You can't always win the prize you hoped for, hahahaha


Why is he so happy?  The full beer maybe?


Client push ups - always a favorite


Shirts off race - that was because of the beer chug (didn't want spillage on the shirt...)