TRX Mini Camp Coming to GWA

trx photo

Al H, Dougy and I have all participated in a few TRX workouts in the past couple weeks.  We were very impressed.  The corporate slogan "All Core All the Time" really sums up the sessions.  The workout was fun, challenging and a great way to change things up.  My session today was a leg/shoulder/core focus.  It was a blast.  There were enough progressions and small changes made to make this hard for anyone - you guys should have seen Dougy's leg shaking, hahaha.


Designed by Navy Seals, TRX® Suspension Training is a new style of training that will challenge your body like never before.  It's ALL Core ALL the Time, and is great for anyone looking to take their fitness to new levels. The TRX® Mini Camp combines suspension training with athletic style drills, and will be coached by Gerard Recio, a Course Instructor with TRX®, with over 13 years experience as a conditioning coach and educator in the field.

4 WEEK TRX Mini-Camp March 19-April 14th

  • Tues---12 & 7pm
  • Wed---7am
  • Sat---11am
  • 1x wk $100 +hst (4 sessions)
  • 2x wk $200 + hst (8 sessions)
  • All missed sessions can be made up within the 4 weeks. Space dependent

Email to sign up or speak with Jon or Troy