Trek Red Truck Racing Team - Santa Rosa Training Camp

getting-ready-to-ride What could be better than 6 days in Californian wine country riding with the Trek Red Truck Racing Team?  Not much if you ask me.  We just finished our 3rd day riding.  The weather has been perfect and the riding unbelievable. 

Day one:  this was supposed to be an easy day.  100km, easy pedaling to get the legs going for the week.  Well it didn't take long for the kids on the team (kids because this is a young team of racers all under 23) to pick up the tempo.  The masters athletes were soon off the back (I stayed on just to about the last 200m of the short climb but that hurt...).  So much for taking it easy.  We road pretty hard for the rest of the day as well.  Fun times.

Day two:  This was a flat 120km rip.  I decided to have a go with the young boys today because there weren't any big hills.  They had me on the edge a number of times, but I managed to hang in there.  It was so fun.  Average speed for the ride was over 35 km/h.  There was a stretch of 15km or so where we didn't go below 42 km/h and up to 50.  That part almost killed me, hahaha

Day three:  I took it easy today (115km with only a few attacks and hard short hills) as the rest of the week gets really hard with long days and big climbs.  The boys were off in their own group and apparently it was a good decision not to join as they hammered today.


Self photo on the top of the climb today.


The Natural Break....hahaha


Coffee break.  Coffee or coke and a snack.