GWA clients this past weekend

bmo-marathon What a weekend for GWA clients.  We had 2 people compete it the BMO Marathon, 4 in the BMO half Marathon and 2 people race in the Coaster XC mountain bike marathon.  Way to go everyone! BMO Marathon:

Pargol Lakhan, 3:25:15 a personal best

Alison Meredith, 4:55:22

BMO Half Marathon:

Cassandra Osborne, 1:35:18 a personal best

David Lancaster, 1:55:45

Patricia Horton, 2:08:46

Carol Ng, 2:25:30 a personal best


Jon Bula's bike before the Coaster XC Marathon


His bike after...It was an extremely muddy day.  I finished in 3:03 (11th in my age group).