GWA invades the Tough Mudder

tough-mudder-2012-007 What a weekend.  We entered a team in the Whistler Tough Mudder, what a great time.  Team GWA joined thousands of others as we challenged ourselves with roughly 16 km of trail running and 20+ obstacles ranging from scalling walls (with mud) to running (in mud), to crawling under barbwire (in mud), to jumping in a frozen lake (with mud before and after) to climbing monkey bars (somehow got muddy there as well).  Our team included Jon, Pam and Ben Bula, Shawn MacKenzie, Al Winterflood, Peter Handregan, Pat McNary, Steph, and Matt Klassen.  Special congratulations to Peter Handregan.  He is a GWA client who trained with us for 9 weeks, lost 20 pounds and hung in there on the GWA team and completed the Tough Mudder. 


The start of our heat.  Apparently over 10,000 people raced on Saturday with heats going every 15 minutes


Here's us after our first obstacle, crawling through mud of course


Ben Bula (1 picture above); Pam and Jon Bula directly above showing off their mud...


Shawn MacKenzie looking cool as usual, maybe the best looking guy in the race...


GWA: Here for Beer - always into having fun


Jon Bula after the Arctic Plunge - a leap into a massive ice bath - awful...


Al Winterflood avoiding the barb wire


Check out the GWA team work, synchronized wall scaling.


Shawn and Alsi - still looking cool, just a bit muddier


Team GWA at the finish - somehow Ben Bula lost his shirt, oh to be 20 years old again...