End of Summer Blast

capitol-forest-2 Capitol Forest 50/100 Mile


Tyax Adventures: 3-day back country mountain bike trip

What an amazing end to the summer.  I signed up on a whim for a really tough mountain bike race: The Capitol Forest 100 mile race in Washington near Olympia on August 25th.  I also just finished a 3-day trip in the Chilcotins doing some back country mountain biking this past long weekend.  Needless to say I'm feeling a little tired today...

The Capitol Forest 100 mile was a last minute decision.  My friend emailed me on the Tuesday and said, "I'm doing this epic race in Washington, you've got to come."  So of course I signed up and 5 days later I was suffering through a grueling 10.5 hour 160 km race on a really hilly but extremely fast and fun course.  I felt great for the first 5 hours (no wonder since I've been doing mostly 3-5 hour races this summer) and then started to hurt around hour 6.  I managed to pull through after spending some time at an aid station stuffing my face with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, banana, and watermelon.  All in all I finished well and was quite surprised to have finished 11th overall.  The best part was that I finished 3rd in my age category, but had no idea.  I missed my chance to stand on the podium and receive my cheap and tacky medal. hahaha.  I didn't check the official results until 2 days after the race.


Graham Tutti and I in the first few minutes of the race, it was still dark when we started.

This past long weekend I was in the back country doing some really cool mountain biking.  Day one was a grueling 9 hour ride into Trigger Lake.  We spend at least 4 hours pushing our bikes up some brutally steep climbs.  At one point we crossed Dear Lake Pass at an elevation of more than 7500 feet (hard to breathe up there).  We spent the night in tents at the Trigger Lake Camp and our camp cook who brought all our food and beer in on horseback the day before was great.  Super fun night.

Day 2 was an incredibly fun day.  We road a route that is best described as gravy with a few lumps.  Super fast and fun downhill with the occasional steep punchy climb.  It was a 6  hour ride that day so much more sane.  Tyax Lodge hosted a great dinner/party Saturday night which made the final ride on day 3 a little tough...

Day 3 was a 2 hour rip in Whistler on the trial called Train Wreck.  What a great weekend.


Top of Deer Lake Pass: way up there above the tree line: 7500 ft elevation