Whistler Gran Fondo 2012

jb-and-gs-whistler-2012-edited What a day for a ride to Whistler.  The weather was perfect and Graham Stanley and I were ready to ride.  You can see Graham just behind me in the white jersey.I wasn't planning on doing the Whistler ride this year.  I had decided that I was going to do the 'anti fondo' with a bunch of friends.  Ride up Friday and then mountain bike in Whistler Saturday and Sunday.  Graham, a client of ours who is relatively new to road cycling, asked me to ride for him.  He sweetened the pot by paying for my entry and promising dinner that night in Whistler if I road with him during the race.  I decided to do it, a free entry and expensive dinner are hard to pass up.  Well I can now say I know what it feels like to be a domestique.  I spent most of the 120 km in the front of various groups, doing the work and pulling people along.  I felt obligated to work hard (and I sure did), but it was a great day.  Graham rode really well and we cruised to a very respectable time of 3 hours 53 minutes.  Good enough coincidentally for Graham to post a better time than all his friends (supposedly stronger and more experienced riders), hahaha.  I was pretty shattered after the ride, but it felt good to leave it all out on the road and I was pretty happy as Graham was super pumped with how the ride went.  We even beat his old hockey buddy Geoff Courtnall by 5 minutes.

A bunch of other GWA clients kicked some serious ass this year as well.

Christian Frandsen was 4th overall at 3 hours 24 minutes

Matt VanNostrand was 5th overall at 3 hours 25 minutes

Dan Shepansky kicked butt with a 3 hour 37 minute time

David Schaffner flew to a 3 hour 52 minute time despite being involved in a crash and getting some great road rash as a souvenir

Dave Tims clocked a very respectable 4 hours 3 minutes


Matt on left and Christian Top 5 Fondo Finishers (studs) - looking good boys