GWA Christmas Gift Idea's


Christmas time is always fun with family and friends and food and drinks and GIFTS. We definitely go overboard with the gift giving portion so much in North America— I personally think that we should only receive gifts that are our ‘needs’ not ‘wants’. Why not make a list of 2-10 needs only??? Receiving something practical trumps getting something that might be cool initially, but in the long run not needed, nor wanted. That being said if fitness is on someone’s ‘needs’ list you know we have a number of GWA Christmas Specials. See below and contact us today!

Gift Certificate Any denomination

One-on-One Starter Package

  • · 4 sixty minute sessions
  • · 20% off of the regular cost
  • · $245

Partner Starter Package

  • · 4 sixty minute sessions for you and a training partner
  • · 20% off of the regular cost
  • · $160 each

Stocking Stuffers:

GWA Water Bottle $6

1 Personal Training Session $75 (one-on-one)

1 Group Personal Training Session $30

1 Spin Class $15

1 Functional Movement Screen Session $75

1 Stretch Session $40 (thirty minutes)