New York Marathon: easiest run ever...

giants-stadium-1 What can I say about the NY Marathon?  Not much actually...If you didn't hear they cancelled the race late Friday evening after assuring all the participants up to the early afternoon that day that the race was on.  What do you do but make the best out of it, so can anyone say "Giants vs. Steelers"Now I'm not going to lie, I was really disappointed that the race was cancelled.  But honestly, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that going ahead with the event was a bad idea especially when a bunch of the city was still without power,  when the subways weren't fully operational, when many people were staying in shelters, when there was a fuel shortage, with water and food shortages in some areas.  Come on, really?

I can honestly say I felt a bit guilty going to NY for the race with all that was happening, but we were assured that the race was happening and that there weren't going to be any refunds for those who chose to stay home.  With everything having already been paid in advance there wasn't much of a choice really.

I feel bad for all those people that poured their hearts and souls into their training and didn't get to race.  Oh well, life goes on and there are plenty of races out there.

Being in NY we weren't about to waste our time thinking about what could have been...Troy and I along with our other marathoners embarked on a great 3-day NY adventure.  We did a couple short runs, had amazing dinners, partied all night long, and got tickets to the Giants vs. Steelers game.  So much fun.  It wasn't the short holiday I expected but it was still fun.


Everything is big in the States...


Troy and Kate and some stadium Coors Lights - only $9.50 per bottle - what a deal...


Jon with a nice beer and gift for Laura - who couldn't make the trip due to some guy's baby growing in her belly ;)


This was supposed to be our groups' pre-race meal.  We still had a great meal, but probably drank alot more wine then we would have.


Jon in a picture with the ladies.  We were doing some pre cancelled race hydration...


Troy, Kate and Troy's mom Ricci at the race check in.  They did their check in and then a few minutes later found out the race was cancelled - what a burn...