GWA Calorie Blast


Want to try a dynamite at home workout?  GWA Calorie Blast was created for you by the trainers at Groundwork Athletics.  You'll have to excuse the video as we aren't professional videographers, but I guarantee this workout will make you sweat.  All you need is a bit of space and a set of dumbbells. This workout is in three parts:

1. Warm Up
2. Circuit Strength
3. Cardio Movement

You start with the Warm Up exercises, followed by the Circuit Strength and Finish with Cardio Movement.  For a longer and more challenging workout do 2-4 sets of the Circuit Strength and Cardio Movement. Try and do both together before you rest.

Warm Up: click here for video
• Hip Twisters x 10 each way
• Push up to hand walk x 10
• Jumping Jacks x 50
• Backwards lunge with a twist x 10 each way
• Lateral Lunge x 10 each way
• Running on the spot x 50 foot contacts
• Plank with shoulder touch x 10 each arm
• Airplanes x 10 each leg
• Drop Squats x 25

Circuit Strength: click here for video
• DB thrusters to press x 10
• DB rear delt fly x 20
• Single leg deadlift to DB bicep curl x 10 each leg
• DB hold with reverse lunge to knee drive x 10 each leg
• DB full sit up x 10
• Leg drops x 10
• Hip twisters x 10 each way

Cardio Movement: click here for video
• Lateral shuffle - 1, 2, stick x 10 each way
• Foot switches x 10 ea
• Mountain climbers x 10 each leg
• Speed squats x 20
• Lunge exchange x 10 each leg
• Mountain climbers x 10 each leg