Time out is over for Chelsie

 It has been 219 days since I competed in the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic. After the competition I was on a sort of high. Residual from the amazing feeling that came with stepping on stage and strutting all my hard work in front of hundreds of unknown faces, only to be judged by five complete strangers.

It may sound odd but that experience was one to remember and it has been dubbed one of the most memorable times of my life. However, that rush, that cloud nine high that I had been feeling did anything but last long. Within a few weeks, post competition, I slowly began to feel the weary toll that had come from weight training for a few months in a caloric deficit. I felt fatigued and began to burn out. Although I was slowly increasing my food intake, I became disinterested, disengaged and unmotivated to workout. The thought of stepping foot in the gym if not to do my job and go home, was almost dreadful. I found myself mustering up any and every excuse to not attend sessions, some weeks not even training at all. I cannot tell you when it was that I snapped out of this anti-gym funk, because I am not exactly sure.

Over the last two months I have had reoccurring thoughts of competing again, the goals I want to set for myself, the plan I wanted to create to achieve these goals and as quickly as I would begin to take these steps, the quicker I stopped and fell back into the funk. I think it was maybe when I realized just how rapidly this year had passed. Halloween is around the corner, Christmas and the New Year are on the horizon and that means too soon would prep begin again. I almost began to panic upon this sudden realization. I surely was not about to compete in the provincial championships presenting a less than worthy physique to qualify me for nationals.

So here I am back at it again. I have set a goal, and I have my eye on the prize and the only ways for me to accomplish this is to quit slacking and get my butt in gear; muscle does not build itself. Apart from burning out after the competition, I believe part of the reason for my lack of training and motivation was that I lost sight of my goals and dreams. Life always seems to get the better of us in one way or another. With work, kids and other commitments it’s difficult to convince yourself that you have the time and energy to devote to achieving your goals, whether that is fitness related or not. I personally refuse to be stasis, setting goals is how I keep moving forward at work, in fitness, parenthood and life all together. With that being said, I am only human and sometimes self love and care requires you to sit back and do nothing, so that you can refuel and refresh before your next big step to a new dream or goal.